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How can I be involved?

One of MultHyFuel’s goals is to achieve an interactive relationship with key stakeholders that can help with gap identification and validation of the solutions proposed, to facilitate evidence-based policy-making.

For this reason, an entire WP will be devoted to the active engagement with these stakeholders, which fit into the following categories:
  • HRS Operators

  • Component manufacturers

  • Public authorities
  • Standards developing organisations.

To achieve this, workshops with the targeted stakeholders are planned at strategic stages of the project. The format for input collection will depend on the nature of each workshop, but some examples include surveys, round tables, bilateral exchanges, etc.

Hyrdrogen Cars

The consortium plans to hold the following workshops:

WS #2

December 2021

Refined case study models and WP2 methodology

WS #3

April 2023

Results from WP2 and WP3

WS #4

July 2023

Development of best practice guide

A final meeting will then be held at the end of the project to discuss and adopt the best practice guidance developed under WP3. 

Additionally stakeholders will be invited to provide feedback on deliverables throughout the project, published here on the website, and at webinars to be held at various stages during the project (details will follow via the website and stakeholder contact list) 

If you are interested in being involved in either the stakeholder workshops *, inputting into the project where appropriate, and/or attending the broader webinars, simply email us with your details to be added to the stakeholder list. There is no cost for involvement in any part of the project.