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Harmonizing safety in hydrogen refueling stations Webinar

The MultHyFuel is happy to announce that a webinar will be held on the 4th of October, between 11 am and 1 pm, to present some of the main findings of the project so far after the first phase of experiments is finished.

Join us at this open-for-all online and event to see how the data acquired will help the team develop useful guidelines for the harmonisation of safety in hydrogen refueling stations. Some of the topics covered during the webinar will be:

  • Analysis of permitting rules for the implementation of HRS in selected EU countries (Hydrogen Europe)
  • Experimentation results: Leakage, clouds and ignition (INERIS)
  • Experimentation results: Fire and explosion (HSE)
  • Analysis of risk assessments and how it contributes to guideline development (Engie)
  • Stakeholders’ engagement and involvement in the process (Hydrogen Europe)